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Let’s deepen military cooperation – Ambassador Mukwita

Let’s deepen military cooperation – Ambassador Mukwita

Zambia’s ambassador to Germany His Excellency Anthony Mukwita has called for increased military cooperation between Zambia and Germany. Speaking in his office Wednesday when Defense Attache Col. Christopher Lusaka formally received him, ambassador Mukwita said there was an opportunity for Zambia to strengthen the existing military engagement between the two countries.

“I have noticed that through your office, Germany has offered training to a number of our officers in various aspects of defense and security. Job well done”, the Zambian envoy said. Ambassador Mukwita said the cooperation was necessary as Zambia’s defense forces have and continue to engage in peacekeeping missions around the world where their services and expertise have been needed.

“Only a military that is always improving its skills can live up to the demands for security that we continue to see around the globe today”, the ambassador said. The Zambian envoy reminded the Defense Attache that recently President Edgar Lungu toured parts of Zambia that had seen an influx of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo to underscore the importance of having an army and Air Force ready to keep the peace.

“There are still trouble spots around the world and in our own backyard that require that Zambia’s Defense Forces are equal to the task of not only defending their country but coming to the aid of countries whose security may have been compromised”, ambassador Mukwita said.

He further noted that Zambia has just taken up her seat on security in the SADC region, recognition of the country’s own political stability and reputation for conflict resolution and love for peace in which the military have played a significant role.

In recent years, the Federal Republic of Germany has offered the Zambian defense forces training in such courses as United Nation’s Military Observer’s course, United Nation’s Staff Officer’s course and United Nation’s Base Logistics course.

Other training courses include Officer Cadet Training, Platoon Commander’s course, Company Commander’s course, Senior Command and Staff course. Participants in these courses have included male and female officers.

Ambassador Mukwita, who took up his post officially on the 27th of November this week said during his tour of duty he would like to work towards strengthening what he called a “strategic partnership” between the defense forces of both Zambia and Germany.
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