Thank you ambassador – Polish business community

…… The Gdynia business community looks back to a fruitful interaction

Berlin, 23.04.2018

The Pomeranian Employers organization and the Pomeranian Development Agency Company based in the Polish coastal city of Gdynia have expressed gratitude for Zambia’s participation at their recently held first Pomeranian African-Polish conference.

In a letter of gratitude addressed to Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita who is also accredited to Poland, the two organizations said “Your substantive contribution helped us with making the “Business Beyond Borders – Destination Africa” conference a worthwhile, pro-business event for ambitious and dynamic entrepreneurs”.

Mr. Tomasz Limon, Managing Director of Pomeranian Employers and Ms. Katarzyna Matuszak, Director of Entrepreneurship Development Department of the Pomeranian Development Agency Company signed the letter.

“Our conference turned out to be a great initiative for Polish SMEs seeking opportunities for building Africa-Polish business relationships as well as discovering inspiring examples of the companies already working/investing in Africa”, the letter further says.

The two organizations are now looking forward to continued cooperation with the Zambian embassy in the hope of strengthening Zambia-Polish “connection for the future business and cultural endeavors between our countries”.

Recently, ambassador Mukwita was in Gdynia where he addressed more than 200 delegates who had gathered in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park and shared Zambia’s various investment opportunities. Following his presentation, a number of business houses expressed interest to pursue discussions with the intention of visiting Zambia and explore investment possibilities.

Aware of Zambia’s ongoing infrastructure development programs, some business houses expressed interest in making available to the country development financing at competitive interest rates.

“Poland is clearly ready to step out of Europe and explore Africa”, ambassador Mukwita says, “and Zambia will not stand idly by and watch this opportunity pass us by”.

The Zambian envoy says President Edgar Lungu has expressed understanding of the winds of change in Europe and the rest of the world hence his re-orientation of the Zambian foreign policy from politics to economics.