……Slovakia economic growth impressive

Bratislava, February 13, 201

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany His Excellency Anthony Mukwita has called for economic relations between Zambia and the Slovak Republic. Ambassador Mukwita said as a copper producing country, Zambia had something to offer the Slovak Republic, which manufactures not only motor vehicles but spare parts as well.

He made the remarks in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic as he presented copies of his credentials before Mr. Pavol Sykorcin, Secretary General in the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

“We are the second largest copper producers on the African continent and you are one of the largest producers of motor vehicles in the world”, the Zambian envoy said and added, “we would like you to consider Zambia as an investment destination”.

Ambassador Mukwita told Mr. Sykorcin that Zambia was one of the most peaceful nations on the African continent having maintained this level of stability since Independence 54 years ago.

In response, Mr. Sykorcin told the Zambian Ambassador that his country was the largest producer of cars per capita in the world as Slovak produces 1 million cars and yet it only has a population of 5 million people. Just about every major brand of motor vehicles may be found in the Slovak Republic with German companies being the major investors.

“Based in Berlin, you are in a better position to engage these German companies and see how you could sell Zambia’s investment possibilities”, Mr. Sykorcin advised.

The Slovak Republic was part of the former Czechoslovakia with whom the Zambian government maintained diplomatic relations until the political turmoil that swept across former Eastern Europe in the early 1990s leading to the emergence of new nations.

Under President Edgar Lungu’s economic diplomacy, the Zambian government is in the process of renewing diplomatic relations with most parts of the world including former socialist and communist Eastern Europe. As part of the EU, most of the countries have been doing well economically posting impressive GDP numbers.

“This is why President Lungu has been strategic in his foreign policy trajectory by renewing relations with some of the best performing economies of the world”, Ambassador Mukwita has observed.

The Zambian senior diplomat is accredited to seven countries that include Germany where he is based. Others are the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and now the Slovak Republic. Under one year since taking up the appointment as Ambassador, Mr. Mukwita has managed to present credentials to all the seven countries meeting their seven Presidents.

“This pace has been made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State House back home on one hand and the host countries on the other signaling to us at the embassy that President Lungu was in a hurry to deliver development to the Zambian people”, Ambassador Mukwita said.