How the bug brought the world to a stand-still
Ambassador Anthony Mukwita from Berlin wrote:
8th February 2021
In 1796, before your birth and mine, Dr Edward Jenner, an English medic founded the first vaccine to cure or prevent smallpox that was killing thousands of kids in England before spreading to India and Africa according to studies.
Some 200 years after Dr Jenner´s ground-breaking discovery, the world is grappling with what pundits are calling the worst pandemic ever I like to call the bug.
Covid-19 has killed some 2 million people plus in a year, beyond smallpox numbers and it’s not even over yet from the look of things.
Smallpox killed about 300 million people mostly children in the 20th Century (National Geographic, 2021) over a long stretch, there was no silver bullet.
Today, however, technological advancement compared to the days Dr Jenner ´blew´ small-pox germs into kids nose to save them with a cowpox is different.
We detect disease early, produce vaccines and stop deaths earlier than Dr. Jenner days at a cost though. Science and God are kind on us.
The Vaccine Rat Race bug to the End
Since the bug broke from Wuhan, China in 2020, big pharma, the rich rich West has been on a rat race to find a cheaper and safer vaccine. The usual suspects been minting gold along the way. Just look at who is producing vaccines and the costs in billions?
China, the most populous and perhaps most bug afflicted nation on earth has confirmed its pharma giant Sinovac Biotech has a vaccine with a 100% success rate to prevent covid deaths.
The China jab, however, cant sufficiently stop infections, says science, as it has a lower efficacy rate in blocking infections from CoronaVac, which is big in China and on trial in Brazil now.
In Brazil, “CoronaVac jab averted all coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths among the recipients and was also 83.7% effective in preventing cases that required medical treatment,” reports DW.
Downside is, “it only managed to stop 50.65% of all infections. At the same time, another trial in Turkey found that the vaccine was 91.25% effective in blocking infections.”
*Enter BioNtech-Pfizer remedy*
Studies show that in comparison, BioNTech-Pfizer’s vaccine is reported “to be 95% effective, with Russia’s Sputnik V providing around 92% protection, and a product by US company Johnson & Johnson lagging behind at 66% effectiveness.”
Reuters says, “Indonesia has authorized the use of Chinas Sinovac’s CoronVac for the elderly.”
China has inoculated thousands of health care workers with Sinovac’s vaccine since January but was hesitant to include the elderly due to safety concerns.
*Enter the Russian solution into Burma*
Myanmar has approved use of Sputnik V, becoming the 21st country to register Russia’s vaccine, the Russian Direct Investments Fund said on Twitter recently says DW.
The ´vacc race goes on´ as the bug refuses to slow down abroad and home in Zambia where our President Edgar Lungu is approaching the issue “scientifically cautious,” we wait. The Bat isn’t talking to nobody.
*The Good, the Bat and the Ugly*
Germany, my good country of residence records a drop in infections due to great work according to ´Robert Koch Institute´ reporting 10,485 new coronavirus cases on 6th February Saturday and 689 new deaths only.
“National rate of infection per 100,000 people in the past seven days fell to 77.3, down from a peak of 197.6 on December 22, but not yet at the government’s goal of 50,” report says.
Health Minister Jens Spahn said, “hopeful” of a vaccine that could be administered to people younger than 16 by summer.
This is because “AstraZeneca vaccine is only suitable for people over 18 while the BioNTech-Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can be given to people aged 16 or more.”
Memorial Ceremony for bug victims in April GERMANY
German President Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier told the Rheinische Post newspaper recently that Berlin will host a memorial ceremony on April 18 for all that died during the bug attack. I will attend.
My former country of representation Sweden plans to develop a “Digital Vaccination Certificate” to allow vaccinated people to travel without a hustle under the new normal. Must I migrate?
“The lips of the righteous teaches many” Peter Tosh.
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The Zambian Bug Proof Commercial Twist
“As the most strategically located country in SADC and COMESA, Zambia could be the country that saved the sub region and beyond in my view and win from Covid,” Maybe I am a just a Dreamer.
If I were Sinopharm, Sinovac biotech, CanSino, Johnson & Johnson Zambia would be my destination to produce and create new stuff for 100 years from today?
Zambia can throw a bone at big pharma and create thousands of jobs for youth and reduce poverty.
COMESA, Zambia belongs to has about 1 billion people and a spending power of about US$1.5 billion that has potential to grow bigger due to a huge youthful population. Business loves big numbers.
Zambia is the ´centre of COMESA and SADC´ it must be a production and distribution centre under the EL diversification drive today.
Economic Diplomacy for our children and children’s children could be redefined, Lemon out of lemonade.
Lets follow the science and avoid conspiracy theories because vaccs save lives.
The Obama, Bill and Bush jab push
POTUS Obama, Clinton and Bush will take the jab publicly soon, because as scientist Prof. Neil Brewer says:
“Its effective to have leaders stand up for the vaccination system and for individual vaccines…having them (Presidents) offer to get vaccinated on camera is one of the single most important things that could happen.”
Remember if you don’t inoculate, the next wave could KILL you because you are not protected.
People follow leaders in Zambia and beyond as we wait for a Cabinet Advisory. About 110, 000 people had died from the bug in UK, some 56,000 in Germany and under 900 in Zambia at press time.
The bug that brought the world to its knees is not going away just now as the Bat keeps flying and refuses to talk according to Death to 2020.
When does Zambia start cashing in? it’s a free market not a free world.
This is personal essay by H.E Anthony Mukwita, the Ambassador of Zambia to the Federal Republic of Germany who is also a published author. The Op-ed was inspired by Death to 2020 currently running on Netflix and personal experience.
Copyright Anthony Mukwita February 2021 under lockdown.