Exhibition location at ITB good for Zambia – Mukwita
……….. Zambian envoy tours Messe Berlin
Berlin, January 11, 2018

The location of the Zambia stand at this year’s International Tourism Bourse, ITB, travel show in the German capital Berlin ensures that every exhibitor and visitor is able to see what the country has to offer. During a tour of Messe Berlin, the venue of the March 7 to 11 tourism extravaganza, Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita learnt that entry into the exhibition facility leads straight into the Zambian stand.

“This is a significant advantage that you as Zambia need to utilize to the fullest”, said Margot Dennemoser of ITB. As Convention and Culture Partner, Zambia occupies the second largest exhibition space after Mecklenburg Vorpommern, which is the 2018 official partner.

Mrs. Dennemoser who is responsible for stands at Messe Berlin, told ambassador Mukwita that the space was large enough to allow Zambia show the world the different aspects of its life as a tourism destination.

Expressing satisfaction at the location and size of the exhibition space ambassador Mukwita appealed to intending exhibitors to speed up their registration process with the Zambia Tourism Agency, ZTA and fill up the few remaining tables demarcated within the space.

“Clearly, we are located in an advantageous position whose benefits can only be realized with the participation of the private sector that the Zambian government needs as partners in selling the country’s tourism potential”, said the Zambian envoy.

Ambassador Mukwita further expressed his enthusiasm with a poetic flavor when he said, “Its all about location location location in business. The closer you are to those buying the higher the chances you have to make a good sale. Zambia is in the the proverbial sales’ eye of the storm if I can be allowed to use the term loosely.”

And First Secretary Tourism Ms. Susan Katema who had accompanied ambassador Mukwita said Zambia has been allocated 126 square meters of exhibition space demarcated into 35 tables. She said so far about 30 exhibitors have registered leaving only a few tables that are yet to be taken.

“ And remember to bring along with you a coat as the month of March can be cold in Berlin”, advises Ms. Katema.

The program kicks off on the 7th of March with pomp and fanfare in the City Cube Hall where Zambia, as Convention and Culture Partner will put up some of its cultural exhibits that include its traditional dances.

On the 11th of March, the a grand finale shall be held to mark the end of the weeklong tourism show with another show of exhibitions from both official and culture partner Zambia.

During the tourism show, buyers and sellers of tourism products and services will be interacting providing a chance for Zambia to strike travel deals and attract visitors to the country.

For those with small children, the Messe Berlin provides for child minders that look after them in designated places allowing their parents to go about their activities without worrying about their safety.