…. expects 1000 safe birth delivery kits to save mothers says Amb. Mukwita

BERLIN 09.09.19

Zambia’s First Lady Mrs. Esther Lungu’s charity work continues to receive positive international goodwill with a polish-based organization offering to donate up to 1000 safe birth delivery kits in order to save lives said Ambassador Anthony Mukwita.

The donation comes in the wake of a series of meetings the embassy of Zambia in Germany held with hon Consul of Zambia in Poland Mr Bartosz Brusikiewicz.

Ambassador Mukwita also oversees Poland from Berlin on a non- residential basis.   

“The polish company behind this generous life saving donation to the First Lady’s charity is called YORGHAS Foundation located in Warsaw Poland,” said Ambassador Mukwita.

“They are starting with 1000 Mama Kits working together with our hon consul and our embassy and they want to rachet up the donation with safety lancets and sterile single medical devices that can make a huge difference between a mother living or dying,” said Ambassador Mukwita.

The senior diplomat said, “We have already conveyed the good news to the First Lady who resents the thought of rural Zambian women dying at giving birth. She wants her work to be positively associated with saving lives of mothers and infants’ birth in addition to other duties.”

Government statistics show that about 15 years ago, an estimated 75 infants died at birth out of 1000 live deliveries but Zambia has improved so much that only about 43 infants are now perishing recently out of 1000 births.

These numbers are expected to drop even further with interventions by the government private charity initiatives such as the ones being spear headed by Mrs. Lungu and the Warsaw based YORGHAS Foundation in conjunction with the embassy of Zambia in Germany said Ambassador Mukwita.

Mrs. Lungu has continued to inspire many for her dedication to help the vulnerable people in rural Zambia, especially struggling mothers.

Recently the embassy in Germany dispatched on behalf of the First Lady, a forty-foot container of medical supplies that must arrive in Zambia this September.

CAPTION: First Lady Esther Lungu with a baby in file picture and safe Mama Kits from Poland, file Ambassador Mukwita.