for Nangoma Clinic confers with Amb Mukwita to facilitate

BERLIN 24.02.19

Mrs. Esther Lungu, the First Lady of Zambia is cheered by a 250 kilograms donation of medical assortments destined for Nangoma Clinic in western province via the Esther Lungu Foundation said Ambassador Anthony Mukwita.

The senior diplomat accredited to both Germany and Slovenia (the source of the donation) told Mrs. Lungu that the donation is coming from a group of junior medical Doctors calling themselves ‘Humanitary-Medical Zambia 2019’ of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine.

“The young Doctors travel to Zambia in March and are greatly encouraged by the humanitarian work the First Lady (Mrs. Lungu) continues to do especially for people in rural Zambia hence the outreach,” said Ambassador Mukwita.

Mrs. Lungu has since counselled Ambassador Mukwita and accepted to help the Humanitary-Medical Zambia 2019 to get the medical equipment to its desired destination through the Esther Lungu Foundation.

“The First Lady is happy that her charity work is gaining traction locally and abroad and asked describes this donation and many before it as invaluable as they consequently improve lives of vulnerable people in society,” said Ambassador Mukwita.

Mrs. Lungu’s charity work and reputation continues to attract lots of partnerships that want to compliment her Samaritan work in Zambia and beyond.

An NGO in Poland has already approached the Zambian embassy in Germany to seek partnership with Mrs. Lungu on reducing infant mortality or the death of babies at birth, including mothers.

“The NGO wants to provide Mrs. Lungu the First Lady with safe and sterile birth kits she can distribute to pregnant women in rural Zambia where infant mortality remains a concern,” said Ambassador Mukwita.

“We have spoken to the First Lady because this is one of the pillars of her charity work…reducing infant and mother mortality so we will pursue this too. She appears keen to help,” said Ambassador Mukwita.

Ever since her husband President Edgar Lungu assumed office in 2015, Mrs. Lungu has beat a rural path providing wheel chairs, medical kits, drugs, clothes and blankets to mention but a few to vulnerables in rural Zambia.

Ambassador Mukwita said Mrs. Lungu’s selfless work needs encouragement and “our embassy will encourage good intentioned partners to work with her to save lives.

The ‘super stars’ in the 250kg medical equipment consignment that includes, surgical, sanitary, syringes material etc., are four junior medics Klara Grad, Petra Grecgorc, Urska Intihar, Andraz Krasevec and Tomaz Sindicic (in picture).

They made personal calls to institutions to collect the medical equipment ahead of their trip to Zambia set for next month where they will work in rural Nangoma for three months pro borno.

Mrs. Lungu said anyone who does work to alleviate the life of the vulnerable in Zambia ought to be commended as “they are doing Gods work.”


CAPTION: First Lady Esther Lungu file image during a State House event and H.E Anthony Mukwita with the junior Slovenian medics behind the Nangoma bound donation via the Esther Lungu Foundation.