…for greater economic cooperation says Amb. Mukwita

Berlin 30.04.20

Zambia has been tapped for greater business engagement by the Federal German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the European Entrepreneurs’ Association known by its acronym BVMW said the Ambassador of Zambia to Germany H.E Anthony Mukwita.

Ambassador Mukwita disclosed this after a high-level meeting with the top leadership of the influential BVMW led by the organisations President Herr Mario Ohoven along with some board members in Berlin.

Mr Ohoven commenced the meeting held via Zoom in compliance with strict German distancing regulations by lauding President Edgar Lungu for leading a team in Zambia that has kept COVID-19 infections and deaths low.

“I encourage the efforts of your government and in particular of your President, His Excellency Mr. Edgar Lungu have taken on COVID-19.  I also salute the Zambian people for their general mobilization and their courage in the face of the coronavirus epidemic,” Mr Oheven told Ambassador Mukwita.

Zambia has recorded as few as cases of COVID-19 fatalities and less than 100 deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic that has killed about 6000 people in Germany alone and more globally.

Mr Oheven told Ambassador Mukwita that, “ We are going through challenging times in Europe, Africa and all over the world…your country is one of the world champions in the fight against Covid-19.  Exceptional results have been obtained, thanks in part to your government’s very rapid responses to the spread of the virus.”

Business Opportunities

BVMW, the largest and most influential non state business player in Deutschland with about 950,000 member organisations that employs about 30 million people also expressed deep interest in opening a fully-fledged office in Zambia with the help of the embassy in Berlin according to Mr Ohoven.

“We have 17 offices in Africa and many more around the world and the next office we want to open must be in Zambia with your help,” said Mr Oheven.

Ambassador Mukwita assured the BVMW boss that he would do everything necessary, not just to open an office in Zambia in order t escalate business relations with them, but also set up high-level meetings with relevant line ministries and business associations in Zambia.

This is to ensure that jobs are created, and poverty is slashed according to President Lungu´s mandate.

“We are here to ensure that you meet the right organisations in Zambia so that German business can get the best out of Zambia and Zambian business can get the best out of Germany. We seek a win win situation,” said Ambassador Mukwita.  

Mr Oheven observed that Zambia in particular and Africa in general, now more than ever needs, “a strong organized SME and excellent cooperation with the politicians who create the framework conditions.”

Ambassador Mukwita told the meeting also attended by Mr Andreas Jahn and Bienvenue Angui along with two other BVMW board members that economic engagement with Zambia was not misplaced, especially given the ever-growing Zambian population under the age 25 and abundant peace and stability and rule of law.

In March 2021, BVMW will hold a high-level meeting of business and African leaders in Berlin where they will invite Zambia to attend.

The last meeting BVMW held in Berlin in January, Senegalese President Macky Sall was the Chief Guest.

Germany, the home of BMW, Mercedes Benz and VW is the richest nation in Europe, the 4th in the world and Ambassador Mukwita thinks the relationship with BVMW could benefit Zambia that has a stellar record of stability and peace.



Caption: The panel Ambassador Mukwita held the Zoom conference meeting with from BVMW led by Herr Ovehen in canter. The embassy of Zambia in Berlin has continued to work remotely using available technological facilities following the lockdown.