The German Parliament has expressed interest in partnering with the Zambian Parliament to enhance collaboration on various parliamentary issues.
German Vice President of Parliament Ms. Yvonne Magwas said this in Berlin, Germany yesterday when she met First Deputy Speaker of the Zambian Parliament Hon Malungo Chisangano who is visiting the German Parliament on an orientation programme.
Ms. Magwas said the partnership will improve collaboration between the two parliaments adding that Zambia is a very important partner to Germany.
And Hon Malungo Chisangano said she looks forward to the establishment of the partnership between the German and Zambian parliament which could help provide solutions on issues such as energy, gender and education.
Ms. Magwas has further commended Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema for appointing the first female Speaker of parliament.
She said both Germany and Zambian parliaments need to explore mechanisms to increase the numbers of female members of parliament.
Ms. Magwas said women are failing to join politics because they found it hard to balance family and busy political life.