….during National day of prayer in Germany

Berlin, 20.10.19

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, His Excellency Mr. Anthony Mukwita has said repentance and reconciliation must be proclaimed publicly for them to have a meaning and impact.

Ambassador Mukwita said forgiveness must be sought first followed by repentance and reconciliation.

He was speaking in Berlin Sunday at International Christian Church in observance of Zambia’s National Day of Prayer, Repentance and Reconciliation that falls on the 18th of October every year.

“Let me set an example by publicly asking for forgiveness from my wife for anything I may have done wrong yesterday, last week, last month or last year”, he said amid shouts of “amen” from a diverse congregation comprising Zambians and other nationalities such as Ghana and Nigeria.

Ambassador Mukwita added a note to his spouse in the sermon saying, “I would like you to know that I love you and seek your forgiveness”. In a move unprecedented, the Ambassador turned to embassy staff that congregated for the annual day of prayer for their forgiveness for anything he may have done wrong against them as he called for a new chapter of love, reconciliation and forgiveness as decreed by President Edgar Lungu.

Ambassador Mukwita, with a sense of humility implored colleagues in authority to use it (authority) to uplift people and not punish them.
He told the congregation that it was equally with a sense of humility that President Edgar Lungu viewed his Presidency as a “Miracle.”

” President Lungu attributes his Presidency to an act of God saying it was a miracle that he is in the position because he never for once dreamt of being President of Zambia. This is why he is able to decree a national day of prayer on our calendar”, the Ambassador said.

As Zambia faced a devastating impact occasioned by the effects of climate change during the 2014/2015 rainy season, Mr. Mukwita said President Lungu called on Zambians to seek God’s loving intervention.

“As Zambians, we believe our peace and stability is due to divine intervention…that is why Zambia is a beacon of peace”, the Zambian envoy said.

In his earlier remarks, International Church Senior Pastor Kingsley Nimo said the nation of Zambia was bound for more prosperity as long as it remained dedicated to God. He said nations that proclaimed God as their master remained guided by the hand of God himself.

And in her vote of thanks, Minister Counselor at the Zambian embassy Mrs. Dorcas Chileshe commended Ambassador Mukwita for displaying leadership by publicly seeking forgiveness and reconciliation, not only from his spouse but from people he works with in line with the Presidential decree.

“Forgiveness opens doors to blessings in addition to the added benefits of good health”, she said as the congregation shouted ‘amen’ in agreement.

Zambia, a Christian nation, observes October 18 as a Day of Prayer, Repentance and Reconciliation. On this day, President Lungu along with his wife Esther leads the nation in prayers as the country ceases all secular labor.

The theme of the National Day of Prayer for 2019 was “receiving times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord through reconciliation with one another and the environment for a prosperous Zambia”.