…outgoing ambassador urges the Diaspora

Berlin, 24.10.2021


Zambia’s outgoing Ambassador to Germany, Mr. Anthony Mukwita has urged Zambians living in Germany, Hungary, Austria, The Slovak Republic, The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia to play their respective roles in promoting economic diplomacy.

Officiating a virtual celebration of Zambia’s 57th Independence anniversary, Mr. Mukwita said economic diplomacy, as espoused by President Hakainde Hichilema, is intended to foster development.

The outgoing ambassador said this year’s independence celebration theme “Celebrating a new dawn anchored on good governance” provides the foundation needed to anchor economic diplomacy.

In his experience, Mr. Mukwita said “foreign investors inquire about good governance, national unity and development as prerequisites for investment”, adding “good governance ensures that there is a fair judicial system that protects investment; national unity ensures that there is peace and stability; and development ensures that there is sufficient human resource and infrastructure to support investment”.

On its part, Mr. Mukwita said the leadership of President Hichilema is committing itself to these ideals and asking the citizens to hold it accountable to them. The theme, Mr. Mukwita said is also a call on public servants to commit themselves to similar standards in the course of their duties.

Furthermore, Mr. Mukwita said the theme is also a call on the Diaspora to commit themselves to the ideals of good governance, national unity and development wherever they may be, adding, “these ideals must be a mark of distinction and identity so much so that they become synonymous with Zambia”.

Noting that the virtual independence celebration was his final official engagement as Ambassador to Germany, Mr. Mukwita, who arrived in October 2017, paid tribute to the diaspora for their commitment to the development of their motherland.

“Some of you have philanthropic activities that include building schools; donating educational materials; supporting efforts to combat COVID19; assisting widows and orphans, and many other worthy causes”, Mr. Mukwita said.

On a final note, Ambassador Mukwita told the Diaspora, “Your love for your countrymen and women is humbling. I can only hope and pray that our good Lord sustains your helping hand and extends your capacity to love and care”.

The virtual celebration was organized by Zambians living in Germany and attended virtually and in person by scores of members of the diaspora. The celebrations were marked by several forms of entertainment that included live musical performances.