…..publishers invited to the Frankfurt Book Fare

Berlin, 07.04.2019

Zambian book publishers have been invited to the Frankfurt Book Fare that takes place in October this year. Ruth Kumpmann, Key Account Management Sales officer of the largest book fare in the world made the invitation when she called on Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany His Excellency Anthony Mukwita at his Axel Springer offices in the German capital, Berlin.

“In 2018, we saw 18 African countries represented at the book fare but Zambia was not among them”, Ms. Kumpmann said. She said she would like to see Zambian publishers come to the 2019 fare and showcase the different aspects of their country.

The interested Zambian publishers may apply by logging onto https://www.buchmesse.de/en/international-business/networking/funding-programmes/invitation-programmes.

Ambassador Mukwita, a published author himself, has encouraged Zambian publishers to go to the link and apply immediately for the funded invitations.

“This might just be the kind of opportunity we needed as a country to expose the country’s publishers to the world and appreciate what it takes to run a sustained publishing industry”, Ambassador Mukwita has said.

The Zambian envoy, an author of the book “Against All Odds – President Edgar Lungu”s Rough Journey to State House” said the past 54 years of Zambia’s independence has yielded a treasure trove of material covering every conceivable aspect of life whether public or private that could result in tones of books.

He has challenged publishers to play an active role in commissioning literary works thereby contributing to a storage of knowledge about Zambia, provide reference points for policy makers and other aspects of life and contribute to the economic development of the country.

The Frankfurt Book Fare opens on the 15th and ends on the 20th of October 2019. It is an annual event that brings together an estimated 300,000 people that included exhibitors as well as visitors.

Last year, 7000 exhibitors representing 100 countries attended while both the visitors and exhibitors came from an estimated 140 countries. During the first two days of the fare, the grounds are open only to publishers who negotiate publishing rights, translations and trade-related issues.

The rest of the days are open to members of the public who get the opportunity to see the books on display at various stands.