Safety, democracy good for business – Polish Business says

…….. European businesses are encouraged by Zambia’s peaceful environment

March 20, 2018

Gdynia, Poland

The Pomerania Development Agency based in the Polish coastal city of Gdynia says Zambia’s record of safety, peace and democracy makes the country attractive for investment by companies in Poland.

Speaking at the end of a conference dubbed Destination Africa – Business Beyond Borders, Katarzyna Matuszak, a director in the organization says the fact that Zambia has never gone to war but instead been consistently peaceful since independence is good for business.

“Often times when we hear of Africa, we hear wars and political conflict and enterprenuers are afraid of that. But when we hear that you have never gone to war and you are peaceful, that is where we want to go”, said Ms. Matuszak.

Paying tribute to His Excellency Anthony Mukwita, Zambia’s ambassador to Germany, who is also accredited to Poland, Ms. Matuszak said his presentation about Zambia was the best presentation of the day and convinced many participants in the conference that the country was a desired investment destination.

“The personality of your ambassador convinced us that Zambia should be represented him and he is one person that is always talking good about Zambia”, she added.

Following a 12minute presentation out of the 20 minutes allocated for presentations, ambassador Mukwita interacted with a number of representatives of Polish companies who expressed interest in exploring investment opportunities in Zambia.

Aurinko Diamonds, currently doing business in Cameroon was represented at the conference by its director Krzysztof Jablonowski. He told ambassador Mukwita that he was interested in pursuing opportunities in Zambia for his company after his listened to the presentation on investment opportunities in Zambia.

“For European business, safety and democracy means that Zambia is open for business and open for new technologies”, said Mr. Jablonowski.

In his presentation, ambassador Mukwita had said among other things that Zambia places particular emphasis on peace.

“We have had six Presidents since independence two of whom died while in office and yet we have managed to remain peaceful changing power peacefully”, the ambassador had remarked in his presentation.

The business forum was organized with a specific focus on Africa to introduce the continent to Polish business. The organizers said the business community in Poland was willing to do business in Africa but needed more information and direct engagement with representatives of the continent.