Take Zambia With You is ITB 2018 Theme – Mukwita

……… Berlin mission launches quarterly publication – Diplomatic Dispatch

Take Zambia With You is the 2018 International Tourism Bourse, ITB theme as the country participates at the global travel and tourism show that opens on the 6th of March in the German capital Berlin as Convention and Culture partner. The Zambian government, with the participation of the private sector, will be exhibiting some of the best sites, sounds and cultural heritage the country has to offer and will be asking the visitors to Take Zambia with them.

“Every stand in the exhibition hall, every performance and every presentation in the convention hall along with the food to be served by Manna, a Lusaka-based Zambian restaurant shall be designed to leave a lasting impression in the visitors to ITB who in turn shall take Zambia with them”, Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita said.

36 Zambian exhibitors are expected at the ITB, a record that beats by far what was initially expected and what has been recorded in the past since Zambia began coming to the ITB 30 years ago.

On its part, Mr. Mukwita said the Zambian embassy in Berlin has published its first quarterly mission magazine to be called the Diplomatic Dispatch whose lead article is based on President Edgar Lungu’s visits to some of the country’s tourist sites.

Featuring never-before-seen pictures taken by State House photographer Eddie Mwanaleza, ambassador Mukwita said through the eyes of the President, the world “may gain a glimpse into the warm heart of Zambia” and one day come to enjoy it for themselves.

“The country’s Chief Diplomat, President Lungu, visits the countryside and enjoys the sites and sounds that make up this great country we call home”, ambassador Mukwita said.

To compliment the exhibitors at the stands, ambassador Mukwita has appealed to every Zambian that will be attending the travel show to take it upon themselves to showcase the country by exhibiting exemplary conduct, the hospitality her people are known for and whenever possible to wear Zambian colors.

As Zambians at the ITB share what the nation is all about, Mr. Mukwita is also urging them to take advantage of their being in the country to deepen their understanding of Germany since the two countries have had diplomatic relations that stretch as far back as 1964 when Zambia became an independent nation.

“Visit the Berlin Wall, visit the holocaust memorial, visit Check Point Charlie and many more”, the Zambian envoy advised and explained that “these sites represent different aspects of Germany that reminds every visitor that despite some of the most difficult moments in her history, Germany has, like a proverbial phoenix” shaken off the ashes of her past and flown higher to become the leading nation on the European continent”.

During the weeklong event, more than 100,000 visitors are expected to visit Messe Berlin, the site of the show where more than 10,000 exhibitors from close to 200 countries of the world will be showcasing the latest in the tour and travel show business.