….says German SME association

Berlin, February 28, 2020

The Federation of Small and Medium-sized Business Association of Germany says it has noted an increased interest in direct investments in Zambia following the Embassy’s participation in the recently held economic forum.

Federation president, Mario Ohoven says the interest was sparked by the information and materials provided during the forum which was attended by hundreds of guests drawn from different sectors of the German economy.

“I hope that you will take part in our economic forum again next year and that you continue to work for a close cooperation between your country and German SMEs”, Mr. Ohoven says in his letter addressed to Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, His Excellency, Mr. Anthony Mukwita.

During the forum, the Zambian embassy stand attracted scores of German businesses that sought information regarding investment opportunities in Zambia. The interests ranged from information and communication technologies, ICTs, tourism and agriculture.

In line with President Edgar Lungu’s economic diplomacy, the Zambian Embassy in Berlin attended the forum to share information in respect of the various investment opportunities that Zambia has to offer.

The opportunities include the country’s mining and agriculture sectors along with their potential for value addition; the tourism sector in which Zambia offers un-spoilt natural habitats for wildlife, rivers, lakes and historical places of regional, continental and global significance.

Ambassador Mukwita says the Zambian Embassy will take advantage of every available opportunity to share with the German business community the immense treasures that Zambia is endowed with for investment purposes.

“Our natural resources constitute the basic capital God has given us to end poverty, provide employment and improve our living standards”, Ambassador Mukwita says.