Tractor project could pour money into Zambia

Poland Consul Bartosz Brusikiewicz tells Ambassador Mukwita 

Berlin, March 2, 2018

Zambia could see a huge rise in foreign direct investment or FDI from Poland, once it steps up the establishment of an agriculture tractor company called URSUS said honorary consul from Poland to Zambia Mr. Bartosz Brusikiewicz when he visited Ambassador Anthony Mukwita in Berlin.

“We cannot wait to see this project come to fruition because its success will mean more companies from Poland and more financing coming into Zambia to create wealth, jobs and cut poverty,” Consul Brusikiewicz said.

Ambassador Mukwita who, apart from Germany, is also accredited as Ambassador to Poland told the honorary consul that everything diplomatic is being done to step up the project.

“We have informed the Minister of Finance hon Margarete Mwanakatwe in a vital advice note that we need to bring the project back on track,” Ambassador Mukwita said further adding, “we have stated the urgency in our note to ensure the concessional finance line is not taken off the table.”

Mr. Mukwita said President Edgar Lungu had categorically emphasised the importance of a strong agriculture backbone for Zambia as part of the diversification programme.

This is according to a statement issued out of Berlin by First Secretary Press Mr. Kellys Kaunda.

Ambassador Mukwita said the URSUS tractor project worth about US$100 million was vital because of the following:

  • Assembly plant for tractors would create some 400 plus direct jobs
  • Tractors from URSUS factory with Massey Ferguson technology that lasts more than 30 years would be cheaper costing half the price they are currently imported at
  • Greater cheaper access of highly mechanized tractors for a large section of Zambia could increase grain and other food production
  • Place Zambia competitively in the region as a land linked country with good agriculture production once plant is established. 
  • President Lungu’s 7thNDP of positing agriculture as an employer and foreign currency earner would be achieved.

Honorary consul Brusikiewicz expressed concern that after signing the MoU, the project of URSUS agriculture had not taken off one year later despite the immense positives.

Ambassador Mukwita recently visited the Polish Ministry of Finance and URSUS tractor plant in Lublin located almost 200kms out of the capital, Warsaw to bring the project back on track.

Consul Bart, a highly respected businessman in Poland says the URSUS deal will open flood gates of investment in Zambia.

CAPTION Mr. Anthony Mukwita, Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany welcoming Honorary Consul Mr. Bartosz Brusikiewicz in his embassy office on Axel-Springer, Berlin. Picture courtesy of First Secretary Press Kellys Kaunda.