….Mukwita describes Zambians in Germany as partners in development

Berlin, May 13, 2019

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany His Excellency Anthony Mukwita has described the Zambian community in Germany as true ambassadors for their country.

Ambassador Mukwita says the Zambian community always responded positively to invitations to partner with the Zambian embassy in activities intended to tell the country’s good story of 55 years of uninterrupted peace and immense investment and tourism opportunities.

“You have many other worthwhile things to do where you could be spending your time but you chose to share your precious time with us in telling the world about our country”, the ambassador said.

The Zambian envoy was speaking on Sunday when he addressed a group of Zambians who had responded to the embassy call for them to participate in the Diplomat’s Brunch organized for four southern African countries by the Maritim Hotels. They include South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

From the first Sunday of May to the last Sunday of June 2019, Zambia’s promotional materials will be on display in the Maritim Restaurants as part of the embassy’s efforts to increase the visibility of the country on the German market.

Ambassador Mukwita noted that the Zambian community in Germany takes an active part in organizing together with the embassy important national events such as the Independence Day to which they also contribute their personal material and financial resources.

He encouraged them to continue their cooperation with the embassy and sustain their love for their country.

As individuals and sometimes in smaller groups, Zambians based in Germany have and continue to undertake voluntary projects back home especially in the area of education. Some have adopted vulnerable children whose school fees they send while others organize computers from Germany and donate them to selected schools to aid in learning activities.

Others have set up schemes where they bring students from vulnerable backgrounds to Germany and pursue university education while others have built schools in Zambia.

As part of their own efforts to be more coordinated, Zambians in Germany recently held elections and elected national and regional leaders. It is hoped that with a national leadership in place, Zambians in Germany may begin discussing what development activities to undertake for the benefit of their fellow nationals in Zambia.

Recently, the Zambian government released the long-awaited diaspora policy that recognizes the role of Zambians abroad in the development of the country. The Zambian embassy in Berlin has published the policy in the Diplomatic Dispatch, an embassy quarterly publication whose copy may be accessed on the Berlin mission website.