…for greater COVID relief says Amb Mukwita

Berlin, 26.05.2020

The Zambian Embassy in Germany has begun discussions with Africa-Verein, an association of German businesses with interest in Africa on how the members of the organization could help Zambia with the necessary medical supplies needed to fight COVID-19.

With over 500 members of German companies, Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, His Excellency, Mr. Anthony Mukwita, hopes Africa-Verein could help mobilize the much-needed material assistance Zambia needs to protect the country’s population.

“We remain hopeful and confident that German business could come through for us and complement government efforts in protecting the Zambian people and restoring the economy”, Ambassador Mukwita said.

Mr. Mukwita said Africa-Verein has been a friend of Zambia for a long time and contributed significantly to the Zambian economy by promoting investment into Zambia from the German business community. He said it’s partly due to this effort that Germany continues to see sustained interest in the Zambian economy.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has negatively affected the Zambian economy derailing its development plans as the country had to divert its resources to the fight against the pandemic which has also crippled the global economy.

To meet the demand for surveillance equipment and test kits coupled with public awareness, the Zambian government has had to appeal to both local and international donors to assist in every way possible.

Consequently, various cooperating partners, the local business community, WHO and the Zambians living abroad have donated money and medical supplies which the Zambian government has plowed into its efforts to fight the spread of the epidemic.

On its part, the German government recently contributed 18.5 million euros which is expected to meet the cost of medical supplies and provide social cash transfers to the vulnerable parts of the population who have borne the heaviest blunt of the epidemic.

The epidemic has killed about 8000 Germans and affected hundreds of Zambians.