1. What is the necessary procedure for investing in Zambia?

Anyone wishing to apply for an investment licence must proceed to the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) in Lusaka to submit the following documents:

      • Completed formal application form from the Zambia Development Agency;
      • Certified copy of certificate of Incorporation/Registration;
      • Certified copy of certificate of share capital;
      • Certified copy of a certificate of minimum share capital;
      • Certified copy of an official list of shareholders and/or directors;
      • Business plan or and feasibility study;
      • Verifiable evidence of project finance;
      • Brief resumes/CVs for shareholders and/or directors;
      • Non-refundable application processing fee of approx. U$ 377;
      • Licence fee of approx. US$ 2,255, payable only upon collection of licence;
      • Any promoter seeking approval to establish an enterprise, under the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) Act No. 11 of 2006, should include in their proposal, a clear and concise statement on how the enterprise, if approved is likely to contribute to the country’s economic growth and development.

Please note that Company registration is carried out by the Patents and Company registration office (PACRO) in Lusaka.

Completed application forms are submitted to:

Registrar of Companies,
P.O. BOX 32020, Lusaka, Zambia
Mwayi House,
Haile Selassie Avenue,
Longacres, Lusaka.

Click here to aquire Information on the fee structure and forms. www.pacro.org.zm

2. Why invest in Zambia?

10 Reasons to invest in Zambia:

i) Stable Political System
ii) A Positive & Investor Friendly Environment
iii) Investment Guarantees & Security
iv) Attractive Investment Incentives
v) Progressive Banking, Legal, & Insurance Services of International Standards
vi) Abundant Natural Resources
vii) Access to Regional, Wider Africa, EU & USA Markets
viii) Thriving Private Sector
ix) Repatriation of 100% of Profits & No Exchange Controls
x) Good place to work & live

3. What other incentives are there for one to invest in Zambia?

Investments valued at a minimum of US$500,000 attract fiscal and non-fiscal incentives:

Fiscal incentives:

      • Company tax is charged on only 50 percent of profits earned in the first five years of profitability
      • Dividends are exempted from tax for 5 years from the first year of declaration
      • Zero customs duty for 5 years on machinery and equipment
      • 100 percent capital allowances on infrastructure upgrade and improvements

Non Fiscal Incentives:

      • Free facilitation for application of immigration permits, secondary licenses, land acquisitions and utilities
      • Investment Guarantees and protection from nationalisation


4. What investment opportunities exist?

Investments in any area are welcome. The Zambia Development Agency currently facilitates joint ventures between local & foreign investors.

Various Greenfield projects require strategic partnerships and joint ventures in:

  1. Agriculture – commercial farming
  2. Mining – exploration and smelting where applicable (gold, copper, cobalt, uranium, zinc, nickel, diamonds and emeralds)
  3. Manufacturing – food processing, base metals, minerals and marble processing, cotton ginnery, etc
  4. Construction-ICT, malls, hotels, housing projects, road and rail networks
  5. Energy- Hydroelectric power generation, bio-fuel production (sugar and sorghum)
  6. Tourism-Kariba Lake Side Golf Estate and Wildlife Sanctuary
  7. Health – Medical Centre/Hospital, Drug Manufacturing
  8. Financial services (Trade Finance, MSME finance, Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Fund Management, Venture Capital Funds, Hedge Funds, Export Credit Companies, etc)
5. How long does it take to obtain an Investment Licence?

Written notification regarding the approval of the application will be given within 14 working days of submission of your application. If the investor is not content with the outcome, an appeal for reconsideration can be made within two weeks of receiving the notification from the ZDA.

6. What permit will I get as an investor?

A prospective investment worth US$250,000 as a minimum and whose project employs a minimum of 250 people, in technical and managerial positions, is entitled to a self employment permit or can apply for a residence permit. The ZDA will assist the investor to obtain work permits for up to 5 expatriate employees.

7. How long is the investment licence valid for?

A licence, permit or certificate of registration is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. Renewals can be obtained before the investment licence expires for another 10 years.

8. Import and export tariff Permits?

Gemstones and minerals require a permit and can be obtained from the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development

Permits for livestock and agricultural goods can be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

9. What do I have to do to buy land?

Officials at the ZDA, through the Ministry of Lands and Water Development, will help an investor identify and apply for a suitable piece of arable land for investment. Land is obtained on a 99 year lease as a maximum.