1st January   New Year’s Day
8th March International Women’s Day
12th March Youth Day
3rd April Good Friday
30th March Holy Saturday
31st March Easter Sunday
6th April Easter Monday
1st May Labour Day
25th May Africa Freedom Day
 7th July Unity Day
6th July Heroes Day
7th August Farmers Day
24th October  Independence Day
25th December Christmas Day 




1st January                                                             New Year’s Days

6th January                                                             The Three Wise Men

(Only in Baden Wurttemburg, Bavaria, Saxony – Anhalt)

29th March                                                             Good Friday

31st March                                                              Easter Sunday

1st April                                                                 Easter Monday

1st May                                                                   Labour Day

9th May                                                                  Ascension of Christ

19th May                                                                Whitsun Sunday

20th May                                                                Whitsun Monday

30th May                                                                Corpus Christi

((Only in Baden Wurttemburg, Bavaria, Hessen, NRW, Rheinlad Pfalz, Saarland, Saxon (Partly) Thuringa (partly)

15th August                                                            Assumption of Maria

((Only in Bavaria (partly(, Saarland))

3rd October                                                            Germany Unity Day

31st October                                                           Reformation Day

(Only in Brandeburg, Mecklenburg – Vorpommern, Saxon – Anhalt, Thuringa)

1st November                                                        All Saints Day

(Only in Baden Wurttemburg, Bavaria, NRW, Rheinland, Saarland)

20th November                                                      Day of Prayer & Repentance

(Only in Saxony)

25th December                                                       1. Christmas Day

26th December                                                       2. Christmas Day