…5000 masks donated says Amb. Anthony Mukwita
22.01.21 Berlin.
The philanthropy work of the First of Zambia Mrs Esther Lungu has caught the attention of a German charity that has since donated up to 5000 masks for the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust (ELFT) said H.E Anthony Mukwita, the Ambassador of Zambia to Germany.
Ambassador Mukwita said the co-chair of the German charity group known as “Sambia Association” Ms Anita Bartsch got interested in the First Lady’s positive philanthropy work after constant interaction with the embassy in Berlin due to some charity work, she already does in Zambia supported by various German firms.
“Mrs Bartsch is really a wonderful soul and a true friend of our embassy who has nothing but love for the vulnerable in our country,” Ambassador Mukwita said, “she was attracted to the good work the First Lady Mrs Lungu does for the vulnerable and decided to donate some 5000 masks which we have since delivered to the First Lady’s office in Lusaka as an embassy because had no resources to get them to Zambia so we offered to help.”
Ms Bartsch said in a time of a pandemic, its cardinal that the First Lady was kept safe including those around her hence the reason for the donation of the masks.
The masks are scientifically known to reduce or stop the ´super spreading´ of the COVID-19 virus that has claimed more lives than both World War I and II put together according to statistics and Zambia has not been spared.
Ambassador Mukwita said, “we feel the masks from Sambia Association will go along way in helping the First Lady as she continues her charity work in Zambia.
In a letter to the First Lady, Ms Bartsch wrote, “I thought we give the masks for your (Mrs Lungu) for your charity work after Ambassador Mukwita offered to transport them to Zambia for us.”
Ms Bartsch also sounded off the possibility of putting together a donation of medical equipment for Mrs Lungu if the embassy can help freight it to het foundation.
Last year, Ambassador Mukwita and his team in Berlin managed to organise a forty-foot container of medical equipment for the ELFT to help boost her “commendable” charity work.
“The First Lady could easily just stay in the comfort of State House but she decides to help the vulnerable using her influence and to us this is inspirational so we will keep sourcing as much material for her foundation as possible,” Ambassador Mukwita said.
“We thank people like Ms Bartsch who also have a huge heart for Zambia,” Ambassador Mukwita said, “ as we speak Ms Bartsch and her Sambia Association have put together a consignment of 20 laptops which we must freight on her behalf to Zambia as soon as we get a good Samaritan in place in addition to our personal resources.”
The Zambian envoy said it always warmed his heart to see the “haves” help the “have nots” because like the bible says, “blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.”
Ambassador Mukwita also extended personal thanks to the Chief of Protocol Ambassador Albert John Bulawayo who ensured that the 5000 masks reached the First Lady one piece saying, “he (Ambassador Bulawayo is a good man.”