…….Minister Counselor advises Zambians in Germany

Berlin, 18.10.2021

Minister Counselor at the Zambian Embassy in Berlin, Mrs. Dorcas Chileshe has called on diplomatic staff, students and Zambians living in Germany and six other countries of extra accreditation to heed the call by President Hakainde Hichilema to promote integrity in all they do while holding high the Zambian flag.

Mrs Chileshe said along with the promotion of integrity, Zambians living abroad must assume as their primary responsibility the need to share the story of their country as one of peace and endowed with one of the most diversified tourist attractions to be found anywhere in the world.

The Minister Counselor made the remarks during the National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance, and Reconciliation whose 2021 theme is Zambia Seeks sustainable Unity for Shared Prosperity.

“I am sure you will all agree with me that where there is unity, there is love and peace”, Mrs. Chileshe said during the virtual prayer meeting, adding, “Peace is a prerequisite for investment. There is no investor who can feel comfortable to invest in a nation where there is instability”.

During the same prayer meeting, Pastor Isaac Mulongo said in his sermon that Zambians living in Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, The Slovak Republic, and Slovenia needed to realize the value of living at peace with one another.

Being far away from home, Pastor Mulongo said the only family everyone had was their common nationality hence the importance of unity.

Quoting First Corinthians, Pastor Mulongo emphasized the need for love among Zambians as the only viable route to the consolidation of relations among any group of people especially Christians.

And the Chairman of the Zambia/German Association, a voluntary body of Zambians resident in Germany, Mr. Enoch Chota said unity of purpose has the capacity to overcome obstacles when people are determined to achieve anything.

As leader of the association, Mr. Chota said he knew firsthand just how important unity was for the achievement of any set goals.

The virtual prayer meeting brought together Zambians living mainly in Germany and Austria. Due to ongoing COVID19 restrictions on public gatherings, the Zambian embassy, in conjunction with the Zambia German Association, ZGA, decided to hold the prayer meeting virtually.

Every year on the 18th of October, Zambia, declared a Christian nation several years ago, holds prayers that bring together men and women of all religious faiths along with political and civil leaders.